Springfield Criminal Defense And Family Law Lawyer

Most people don't expect to face legal problems. Coming up against the courts in any situation can be very intimidating. Whether you are facing criminal charges or going through a divorce, having a skilled attorney by your side will improve your chances of having a positive outcome in your case.

At the Law Offices of Sara M. Mayo in Springfield, Illinois, we guide you through the legal process. We educate you on what may happen and what options you have available to you. We are your aggressive advocates, watching out for your best interests and keeping you informed of all progress in your case.

"As a solo attorney, I can provide individualized attention to every case. It is the biggest advantage in hiring a small law firm. I sit down and talk with my clients to learn where they are coming from and what they expect as an outcome." — Attorney Sara Mayo

Our Primary Focus Of Practice

Criminal defense

Being convicted of a crime can have a negative impact on your life. Not only do you risk imprisonment and fines, a criminal record shows up on every background check, making it more difficult to get a job, get a loan or apply for school. Our attorney will work aggressively to protect your rights and minimize the potential damage to your future. She is an experienced state and federal criminal defense lawyer who firmly believes that people are innocent until proven guilty. Our firm handles adult and juvenile criminal defense cases, as well as appeals and post-conviction work.

Divorce and family law

Divorce may be one of the most difficult experiences you may ever have in your life. Emotions run high and stress levels skyrocket due to concerns about money, who will have custody of the kids and how you will divide your property. Sara Mayo sits down with you to discuss what happened and how you got here. She works with you to ensure that you can find some stability until the divorce process is over, and she looks out for your best interests as you separate your life from that of your spouse.

Litigation services

We also provide experienced legal counsel in the areas of personal injury and civil litigation.

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